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02:00pm 30/09/2005
  my birthday was the best thing ever. got up in the morning and went downstairs and there was a GIANT baloon sculpture thingy and it was so exciting. i got ready and was all in bright colors which makes me happy. then i opened the present in the baloon and it was a border's gift card and bert's coins. then i went to bert's and braden came out to my car and gave me a HUGE hug and said happy birthday then gave me my scarf. it's so cool it's yellow and green and AWESOME. then school where many people wished me happy birthday. then after school braden and i went to the mall to get a lighter. i got an iridescent one with stars. its amazing. then back to my house for sleeping and getting ready for the party. braden and i went to safeway to go pick up last minute food for the party and got the BEST FUCKING FRIED RICE EVER. then off to liz's. had SO MUCH FUN. so many people came and it was really fun. i had the best birthday ever.  

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all you want to do is _____ me   
01:40pm 11/09/2005
  well kids..you have a face and i haven't updated in a million hours

*went over to braden's to eat pie at 9 am. wow, that's dedication. that boy....wow.
*now i am home being bored and tired and warm and too lazy to move...good thing i did some homework already

*hung out with padre
*went to mass
*braden picked me up and we went to bert's and then went to safeway in puyallup to buy pie, teddy grahams, and a bagel
*went to liz's which housed dani (mi new favorite), kenny, some girl who's name i forgot, sara, scott, y braden and had muy fun times sexually harassing women and watching matilda

*school = ok i like my b-days a lot
*meeting for hurricane relief
*home to do nothing and eat tasty indian food
*braden called to do night photography...i was all systems go and we climbed up on a roof

school is school i like it okay tho

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googly eye   
11:36pm 03/09/2005
-i forget what i did during the day
-went to braden's for dinner with our parents..we made red curry and it was MUY BIEN

-early lunch with haley, berto, cicamelia, and car.
-ate dinner with padre for last day of freedom
-poor braden had to go to school to work on sound and i felt bad

-first day of school!
-it was muy bien

-school was good, went to the mall with chidlins afterschool and got annoyed with stocks

-school was really good, i like my bday classes, i have mod and ellis consecutively
-went home and did homework
-bought vinyl

-woke up
-went to bert's and did homework and saw braden twice while he was doing senior pictures
-went out to braden's..ripped some cds, then wen tto the mall, decided we didn't want to go there so went to bert's and ate a brownie and shared an apricot italian soda...then drove around then fireman's park, then show...it was good, i loved everyone there.
-went back to braden's and got my blanket!

tomorrow equals senior pics (at least a few) and more homework

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11:36am 29/08/2005
-went shopping and got wide leg jeans that are muy cute, a sweater, and an orange shirt
-oh before shopping i went to haley's and hung out with some of the spaniards...it was really fun
-cleaned my room a lot
-5 month celebration...indian food, movie, fun times

-got up pretty early and was picked up by braden to road trip
-went to target to buy charissa candles
-met with lorin and sharon...it was fun to have braden meet them
-then met allison..yay
-then to powell's for looking at many many books
-then to the weddin, i'll tell you ridgefield is a shit hole of a town to find anything in
-car ride home was muy fun

-home to hang out and do laundry
-elliot's surprise b-day party..i had such a good time

today is reading, laundry, and dinner with the parents...

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funky face   
09:25am 26/08/2005
-hung out with padre all day
-went to a pie party with natalie and saw katie, cj, kaitlin, meghan, and a bunch o other kids
-went to hang out at phil's with erin, audrey, molly, and natalie it was fun, we ate his food

-went to el's to help her pack the car and say bye...no me gusta this game
-started cleaning my room, BLUCK it is difficult
-went to bert's with braden to discuss photography, then on to fireman's park to take pictures, and lotso explaining of photos
-liz's to hang out with kenny, dani, braden, scott, and liz...it was muy fun

-ugh, the longest day ever but it was pretty fun...i was at bellarmine all day from 7:30am until 7pm and i'm sure braden was there way longer
-went to walgreens on the way home and got the new vogue which is HUGE so that kept me occupied
-went to bed at 10!

today is braerin vandaniels' 5 month celebration so we're hanging out. i might go to the gap to buy the jeans that brianna has because they're really cute before we do.

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you have a face   
12:01pm 23/08/2005
-went to church
-molly's going away bbq...me, englon, phil, erin...it was muy fun
-came home
-went to braden's to hang out...yay it was fun, we watched drop dead georgeous

-wowowoww it was natural helper orientation training
-target, lunch, and movie con mi padre
-drive in with braden molly phil and erin, it was so fun, we made tea and brought it in a thermos and then threw veggies at each other and had the best car ride home ever

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update my face   
11:36am 21/08/2005
-i think all i did was hang out with braden, but i can't remember because it was quite some time ago...we watched sin city and it was muy good. haha we hung out in the barn and then listened to music, it was an all around really fun time

-ran some errands
-met braden to meet courtney for coffee but she stood us up
-went to audrey's to hang out with audrey, erin, phil, etc
-shari's for pie! mmm

-helped lewie plan the VE retreat
-went to the art walk with my dad and braden
-went to liz's for a lil get together

-VE retreat, spent some well needed time singing and catching up with people. the moral of the story is i love liz and erikka. and i think the choir will be awesome this year.
-liz and i went to braden's to get sudafed...haha it was mission impossible

-saw the ASB kids coming in for their retreat
-hung out with kipp, saw ally and stocks, went back to kipps with stocks to watch run ronnie run it was so damn funny
-movie with the spaniards

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you're eating hospital food   
10:28am 16/08/2005
-pilgrimage meeting, went MUY well, i'm so excited and i love my class...woot
-doin nothing, buying magazines, eatin thai noodles, loungin around
-went out to coffee with braden

today holds promising hanging out with braden. and you have a face

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haunted laundry   
07:42pm 14/08/2005
-didn't do anything, went to the store, talked on the phone, went out to dinner with padre, watched movie

-head some bad news
-laid out
-went over to braden's, made brownies, went to the store, made green curry for the vandragt's with braden, hung with the fam i ♥ bvd

-mandolin con haley
-shopping with stocks (hehe i helped him pick out clothes) and i bought undies, a jacket, and a t-shirt (it says you don't have to do drugs to be dope)

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are you in   
12:28am 13/08/2005
  incubus never ceases to pull the words from my mouth....lovely

My hands are trembling
And my eyes are on fire
This house is crumbling
Left brain, left out, on the wire

You make me happy
You magnify my better half
You make me certain
Though all I have today is your photograph

My past is perilous
But each scar I bear sings
Monuments to where I have been
And melodies to where I am going

You make me happy
You magnify my better half
You make me certain
Though all I have today is your photograph

When will I see you again?
Still-life can only go so far
I need you in front of me
Saying my name
Saying to me...
"I want you the way you are
You, the way you are"

You make me happy
You magnify my better half
You make me certain
Though all I have today is your photograph
You make me happy


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a big pretty dish of lovin with a spoon just for you   
11:16am 12/08/2005
  okay so seeing as i do not remember from friday to today..i'll start with monday

-um was up for having a really boring day, when garth called me up and said, hey lady, so i went and hung out with him. we ran around to marlene's and the bank and walked up to bellarmine. talked some and then saw the wonderful CJ! (ooh, note to self, find cj's livejournal) then braden came and we all hung out and it was grand.
-singing with vanessa, joe, and bekah...i was tired so i was not on top of my game
-bed @ 10! yea bitches

-trip to seattle with braden = so fun. shopping and found new diesel boots, yellow chucks, skirt, 3 t-shirts, and nina simone cd as well as prokofiev's romeo and juliet. we got juice. went to the fountain. lunch at racha. had INCREDIBLE amounts of fun.

-finished shopping online : 3 shirts and earrings from urban outfitters, 2 pairs of shoes, jacket, and pants from old navy. (sidebar: i cannot wait until it gets cold and i have to wear a coat and a scarf)
-went out to dinner with the fuchs...tasty
-went over to jillians for a lovely party highlights from that evening include
-dirty poker
-andi and several others being really smashed
-going out to breakfast after taking boys home @ 4

-went home from jillians after not sleeping @ all
-came home talked to padre and braden and then slept for 3 hours
-woke up @ 1 and talked to braden again then showered and went to braden's.
-had the funnest date of all time...started at bert's for some lovely beverages, then went to marlene's and i picked up my check and braden met everybody, borders for some photography book looking as well as history
-off to kickstand to look @ grace's stuff..saw katy! got popcorn at the grand even though we didnt see a movie. then went down and looked at the glass museum and uw tacoma and we went and saw the chihouli chandelier in the library, then to my house to pick up phantom of the opera then watched some of it then looked at the meteor shower then home.

today = no plans...might go to the store haha, i'm boring.

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it must be hard to   
01:12am 05/08/2005
-el dia de mine and wifey's date..i cleaned my bathroom up real nice so padre would be nicer
-ran some errands
-went to wifey's to get ready for our date
-date @ anthony's with haley (=wifey)
-ambushed braden's and had a killer dance party

-got up @ haley's and hung out
-went home
-got teriyaki
-finished el cleaning of mi bathroom
-talked to lorin
-hanging out with braden which included getting my list finally, hanging with juan, then going to bert's where we hung out with garth, then wedding crashers, then home to watch some innocent teley. then home.

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spin the bottle   
11:48pm 02/08/2005
-brought my wifey breakfast..haha we were fkid
-looked at homecoming dresses online con mi wifey
-went home and got ready for joe's
-went to marlene's and sat outside with dan while he smoked..damn quitting smoking (i was never addicted, but I don't do anything anymore)
-went to joe's and jammed...vanessa on the harmonica, bekah and me on vocals, and joe on the guittar

-talked to my wifey first thing in the morning...and then like 5 more times...damn we're cute...planned our date
-went to run errands...bank and then safeway to pick up some chinese food, vogue magazine, and chocolate chips
-baked cookies for my cookie (haha) in my undies while listening to old jazz music, it was MUY BIEN. except i got chocolate on my ass and it looked like poop
-went over to braden's...his mom made me a hat! gosh damn she's cute. then braden and i ate salmon. then off to dairy queen for blizzards...then hollywood video for constantine...then back to watch it. then painting braden's nails, then him painting mine. then laying on the lawn and watching the stars mmmmm me gusta..

moral of the story: i make DAMN good cookies

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reasons why i don't hate you   
09:50pm 31/07/2005
-the blanket party...got up at like 10 and took a shower. i went to haley's and got ready...then we went to papa's and picked up camera stuff, then off to fred meyers for hardcore party food then off to vassault to set up. haley did some hardcore sidewalk chalk and sara and i rolled a tramp (oline) then the party. it was really good, we had an awesome turnout. i had a great time..especially tramp dancin. then off to the AFB for presidents. THEY WERE SO AWESOME...they signed my panties!! yehaaw! haha. it was really fun. kipp and braden were good dates.

-bellevue arts festival con mi padre. it was really fun. he bought this really cool mixed media painting. i love it. i bought my second piece of art ever. i was muy excited. then i talked to braden during it and got a little sad because i thought we weren't going to hang out and then.....
-we DID hang out. it was really fun...saw charlie and the chocolate factory and performed sneak attacks. MUY FUN

-talked to braden and it was great
-now i am watching the notebook (i've never seen it) it makes me want to SPOON

hahah quote of the evening:
braden: i wish i could just keep you in a cooler so that every morning i could be like HI ERIN and i would talk to you every morning
me: WHY DO I HAVE TO BE IN A COOLER (ferocious laughter among that sentence) ??
braden: because things that need to be refrigerated go in coolers
me: why do i need to be refrigerated?
braden: because you're HAHT
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...(i'm laughing because he totally pulled that out of his ASS)

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10:43am 29/07/2005
3 PM
GIVE ME A CALL 223-8702




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12:10am 28/07/2005
  i'm not quite sure what i was smokin last night but
*went to this guy aaron's party with andi and haley but there was mucho drugs y drinking so we said NO STOP RIGHT THERE...actually we just left
*i bought a skirt at walgreens! hahha
*we went to hang out with kipp y garth y mike y andy...watched dane cook
*mi novio called from assland and made me muy happy

& work
& haley's after for to inform people of our party and make a shnazzy myspace ooh baby
& watching hella adult swim and waiting for a call HMPH i hate that

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oh baby   
07:40pm 26/07/2005
% church with braden to watch his cute lil mom play handbells...le amo!
% work = booooring
% went to braden's and delivered his note and he was happy as a cow (huh?) and i helped him pack....YAY

& got up at 10 to go be fkid with my wifey (haley)
& came home to eat then went home so haley could take a shower and i had to shower
& drove back to haley's so we could go plan the blanket party..haha gave everybody nicknames (wanna play haunted lil girl)
& drove back home to pack for staying home with haley
& had muy fun con mi wifey
& missed a call from mi novio- he's in ASSLAND

* got up
* went to work
* came home

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monkey vagina   
10:57pm 24/07/2005
  saturday = funerday
--eating honey nut cheerios in braden's kitchen out of cool whip tubs
--watching the graduate....and making fun of dustin hoffman for all of the weird noises he makes in that movie
--being bad at resolutions :)
--going to red robin and eating lots
--being cute
--going to garths
--makin fun of mike for bein a jew and ally for being a junior/mexican
--bein a fire bitch
--making cds ;)

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i basically love WISCONSIN   
10:52pm 22/07/2005
  i had such a fun day/night. coffee at high noon with garth and katie was fantabulous except it was coffee at high noon with katie and coffee @ low one with garth and katie...haha. on my way home from bert's haley called, so i went to vasault with her and swung then this weird guy named philly i think hit on us.hahah he was mexican. it was funny. he tried to sit in a little kid's swing. so then i went home and layed out for a while. braden came over then stocks and then we were off to the show, where we found out that feral was playing at 815 so we were like FUCK THAT we're gonna go be weird for a while so we went to bert's, marlene's, burger king, etc. then back to the show. feral was good LIKE WOA...i enjoyed them thoroughly. then to il fiasco to go say hi to my baby. that was good fun. she's hot. (baby = haley) we told everyone about blanket party. then listened to strongbad..haha GOOD SHIT. then home and talked with my man and that was great.

hey everybody if you're friends with me chances are you'll be invited to my blanket party ( picnic if you will). aren't you excited

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thank god for nateropathic medicine   
09:58pm 21/07/2005
  ok so i have been SO moody the past couple of days...GOD DAMN...props to braden and haley for putting up with my shit....hhaha i said props. so today i am muy better thanks to st. john's wart and other supplements. woot. i'm so glad i work at a natural foods store. tonight beholds watchin movies with my padre and heavy duty myspacin...tomorrow = coffee@ high noon con garth, shopping for haley's madre, and the feral show. pshyea kids. i'm essited.  

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